About Us

We could plow a field too. But why should we have to? It’s possible to grow food without deforestation and monocropping, without pesticides or toxic chemical fertilizers, without waste, using only a third of the carbon footprint. So, we are. Our plants are grown indoors, year-round, in Lake Michigan water. It’s more flavorful, brighter, and remains fresh longer than traditionally grown produce. We don’t compromise. Neither should you.

Located in Chicago, Illinois, Aqualeaf Organic Company aims to disrupt the agricultural industry. The need for food isn’t going away any time soon, but the need for a sustainable food source is nearing a tipping-point. Our plants are grown intentionally, to respect people and planet. We strive to follow this principle from beginning to end.

We like to think of our culinary ingredients as a range of colors on a creative palette. Luxurious flavors and aromas that slip into your recipes, cultivated by some of the world's best growers provide ingredients that taste straight from the field, rather than from the produce aisle. Our greens are simple, organic, and beautiful. We don’t want our ingredients harvested before they’re ready, ripened during shipping or at in a ripening room for days; we want them to collaborate with you immediately, through quiet refinement. Each aspect, from color to cultivar, is thoughtful and intentional, selected to provoke your creativity. 
Aqualeaf is future-friendly, designed with the intention of sustainability, reliability, and responsibility. What you’re looking at is the result of providing everything a plant needs, when it needs it, how it needs it, and the best thing is neither trees nor water are harmed. Everything is recycled.
Aqualeaf produce is a superior alternative to the traditional methods that uses GMOs, pesticides, monocropping, synthetic fertilizers or chemicals to grow. Our produce is the purest and freshest produce available. Not only is Aqualeaf Organic Company a better alternative, it’s also available all-year, within hours of ordering. Our growing process is powered in part by wind energy and leaves a 90% smaller carbon footprint than traditional agriculture.

Just like us, Aqualeaf products are for individuals looking to feel and express their creativity. Each ingredient is a starting place to create innovative ideas, providing elements for a culinary artist to do more and create more.

Beautiful. Organic. Responsibly cultivated. Locally grown, proudly in Chicago, Illinois.